What do communities & product businesses have in common?

A lot, which is what Justin Jackson and I spent an hour or so talking about. You can watch the whole thing, unedited and in video format, below.

Quotes that Justin and his audience found notable:

“Having a connection with people is really important. A lot of people build tools without thinking about the people that are using them.” – Alex Hillman

“It’s not hard to get a group of people in a room. It’s hard getting a group of people doing something useful together.” – Alex Hillman

“Cult of personality is one of the most dangerous things for a community.” – Alex Hillman

“Customer interviews are bullshit. Not because people are mean, because they’re too nice. You have to observe what they do, not what they say.” – Alex Hillman

“Put a lot more stock in what people do as opposed to what they say. Be a pattern watcher. Pay attention to how people act.” – Alex Hillman

Links mentioned in the conversation:

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    Thanks for the great chat Alex – really awesome stuff.